Digital consulting for the global healthcare industry

In an increasingly pressurized and complex healthcare space, digital is essential for scaling operations and automating manual tasks and processes.

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What we do

We help organizations across the healthcare industry design, develop, and deliver user-centric services that exceed our modern digital expectations.

When you’re looking to better your patient experience, increase operational efficiency, and harness the digital to build integrated care systems, we are in the business of turning your challenges into category-defining digital solutions.

The solutions we build are tailored to solve the most incapacitating of your challenges, always designed, built, and scaled by the best digital talent on the planet.

Transform patient interactions

  • Take full ownership of the patient interface
  • Draw on patient data
  • Create robust telehealth services

Increase care effectiveness

  • Support and streamline existing workflows
  • Build tools that provide higher-quality care

Maximize operational efficiency

  • Digitize customer and provider touchpoints
  • Automate prioritization of tasks
  • Build intuitive patient care tools

Our clients include some of the most innovative brands in the healthcare industry


Considering the timetable and the amount of unfinished work we had, Reaktor was the one-stop-shop for the brand, business design, and digital dev. Next-level commitment and delivery performance from the team. 7/7 can recommend.

Juha Hotti, PO, new business Aava Medical Centre

How we work

Seamless integration

We believe that digital solutions should ease and support, not burden or frustrate.

Our goal is to build digital tools that have real longevity and fit seamlessly into customers, nurses, and doctors' everyday lives.

Fast delivery

Our trademarked library of unique design and technology components significantly speeds up the delivery of new digital services. We get working software up and running fast.

Agile approach

We build on an experimental, agile basis. That means we continuously test new ideas and can support quick enhancements, addressing requirements and new opportunities as they come up.

Flexible outcomes

Instead of instigating a costly – and often unnecessary – overhaul of your existing IT infrastructure, we build on and integrate into the core technologies you already use.   Your organization has control over the software’s entire evolution and lifecycle, including any necessary enhancements and customizations.

Buyers Guide

A Buyer’s Guide to Healthcare Digitalisation

What it really means to buy custom software or off-the-shelf digital products in healthcare? Having partnered with hundreds of ambitious organizations across industries to build category-defining digital services, we want to shed light on some of the key questions and benefits each company should consider when making these decisions.

How bad IT systems undermine nurses' work - and what to do about it.

“You can tell that these systems are built by someone who doesn’t do the actual work.”
- Preventive care nurse, Finland

Reaktor surveyed nurses across Europe to ask about their organizations’ IT systems. The results were eye-opening. While the end users' needs are being ignored, communication is lost, time is wasted, and lives are put in danger. The good news? This is a problem that can be fixed. Download to read the full report.


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